Often for the treatment of gynecological issues, taking medication is not enough.  Families are turning to surgical methods to build their families. Such operations are carried out for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. These types of procedures can also be done internationally and Family Journeys Consultants can help you arrange the procedure and assist you before, during and after the procedure.  

Surgical Interventions

  • Hysteroscopy. This is an examination of the uterus and the elimination of pathologies with an endoscope. During the procedure, resection of polyps is possible, elimination of adhesions and partitions, etc.

  • Biopsy. This is a collection of soft tissue samples for histological examination. The procedure is performed by an endoscopic method during hysteroscopy, urethroscopy, cystoscopy, colposcopy, or other manipulations.

  • Laparoscopy. This is a minimally invasive intervention in which the endoscope is inserted into the body through small incisions in the abdominal cavity. This allows you to remove tumors, perform salpingo and ovariectomy, treat polycystic ovary and other pathologies. Also, laparoscopy is performed to clarify the causes of infertility.

  • Urethroscopy. This is an endoscopic examination of the urethra. In the course of the study, it is possible to take material for biopsy, to remove stones and neoplasms, to dissect strictures, etc.

  • Cystoscopy. This is an endoscopic examination of the bladder. During the manipulation, neoplasms and stones can be eliminated, a biopsy and other procedures can be performed.

  • Minor surgery. This is a generic name for endoscopic and surgical techniques that involve a small amount of work. These include the removal of tumors and cysts, curettage, etc.

Endoscopic surgery has made the operation more benign and safe for the patient. In IPF, procedures are performed using modern equipment. In the arsenal of our doctors, flexible and rigid endoscopes of the new generation, which significantly expands the capabilities of the surgeon. 

Indications for endoscopic manipulation

Such procedures can be prescribed for the diagnosis and treatment of the following diseases:

  • cervical lesions of various genesis - endoscopic techniques allow to eliminate many pathologies using the radio wave method, including erosion, ectopia, dysplasia, and also warts and polyps

  • vaginal cysts;

  • problems with the fallopian tubes - ectopic pregnancy, strictures, obstructions, and hydrosalpinx;

  • diseases of the ovaries, including polycystic, cysts and other benign neoplasms;

  • uterus pathology - minimally invasive surgery is effective for myoma, polyps, endometriosis, synechia, and adenomyosis;

  • treatment of tubal and peritoneal infertility ;

  • elimination of missed abortion;

  • the fight against prolapse and prolapse of the pelvic organs;

  • stop bleeding during menopause.