What are your advantages in working with FJC?


High costs of medical treatment for infertility has made it impossible for some families to utilitze this option at worst, or minimize the treatment options and attempts at best.  More affordable international options for the same treatments with professional doctors and clients are available.  FJC is here to help your family through the steps of arranging those procedures.  You decide the treatments and the clinic locations that feel more comfortable for you based on consultations about your condition with the medical professionals. Fee information is provided in advance.  

We are a caring team to help you build your family with 25 years of international experience assisting families.  We know that traveling internationally, in general, can be intimidating, but to travel for something so personal and serious can be overwhelming.  The medical details are handled by the professional clinics of your choice and the travel, appointments, transportation, accommodations, and needs while in the country, will be ours to assist you.  

Some of the Benefits:

  • Conference Call/Video Chat/Email Session with your Doctor - an initial consultation with your fertility specialist concerning your medical concerns and desires.  

  • Laws Written in Your Favor in the local country of the clinic.

  • Affordable Fees

  • Two Representatives handling your case.  You can always be in touch with the process.  One assisting with beginning details and one in the country of your choice, helping you each step of the way starting at the airport.  This person is a bi-lingual local who has years of experience assisting families with details of accommodations, transportation, car for general needs, sight-seeing and shopping.  

  • Begin Immediately with no wait time.

  • Clinic Options 

    • Full Services associated before travel, during and after travel, as well as experienced, caring infertility professionals in the country.  We work with highly professional medical clinics in the European countries of Ukraine and the Republic of Georgia.  Contact us for information on these clinics.